Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What Makes a Happy Marriage?

What are the keys to a happy marriage? How can you enjoy the blessings of a happy family? Is your marriage fulfilling and satisfying? The hope for a happy, fulfilling marriage is one of our deepest desires. Sharing our hopes, dreams and life with the one we love is one of life's most fulfilling experiences.

A happy marriage is not a promise to every couple. Those who discover the keys to a happy marriage manage to make it and prove that marriage can be full of bliss. It is therefore vital to study and understand what makes a happy marriage, before you apply it in your life. Let me start by saying that every couple can have a happy marriage. This is because we were all created with a capacity to be happy and to make other people happy. Joy and happiness is constant and there are no new formulas to make sure you are happy. You just need to remind yourself of what happiness was before you move on. In marriage, happiness is the responsibility of both partners. There are married people who wait for the other person to be the source of their happiness. You must take charge and realize that, to make a happy union, you must first be happy. Your self esteem and confidence must be high. Those people who have a low opinion on life will make lousy marriage partners. Nobody wants to be stuck with a spouse who has a wrong attitude; the marriage might not even work.

Therefore, keep in mind that you need to be a source of love as you receive it. The more love you give the more you receive. For example, let us start with how you treat your spouse. Some people never show respect. You must use a nice language while talking to your mate. This applies to both men and women. Some people treat their friends better than they treat their husbands or wives. Your spouse is the most important person in your life and, you should use a language that will be pleasing to them. Another thing you can do to enhance your union is to be full of compliments. You are the one who should empower your spouse remember, this is the only close friend you will ever have. When you got married, you became one and, when you compliment your spouse, you will be complimenting yourself. All these will be enabled by love. If you do not have love in marriage, you are wasting your time.

You will live for convenience but, you will never have true joy. The worse thing is not lack of love in marriage. It is the lack of willingness to love your spouse. Where there is no will there is no way. Other things you can do to create a happy marriage is to look after yourself and look good. It does not matter whether you are going somewhere or not; do it for your partner. To spice up your sex life, try a new position every month. Sex in marriage should be adventurous. Unfortunately, most people have made it boring and uninspired. Play silly games once in a while. You can also surprise each other with gifts from time to time. If you keep at it, you will discover that marriage can be made in heaven.